What is GST?

GST i.e. Goods and Services Tax is a comprehensive tax of dual structure to be levied on ‘supply of goods and services’ subsuming all taxes levied by Central (i.e. Central Excise Duty, Service Tax, CVD, SAD, Surcharges & Cesses etc.) and the State (i.e. VAT / Sales tax, Entertainment tax, Luxury tax, Taxes on lotteries, betting and gambling, Octroi and Entry Tax, Purchase Tax etc.) under one head enhancing cost competitiveness of goods and services.

Impact of GST on?

  1. Pricing Strategies
  2. Purchase Policies
  3. Cash Flow
  4. Incentives
  5. Compliances
  6. Logistic Strategies
  7. Distribution Network
  8. Strategies
  9. Inter-unit/plant Transfer
  10. Change in existing IT System

Key Challenges: 

  1. Transactional Restructuring
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Transition Arrangements
  4. Renewing existing Contracts
  5. Consumption based book keeping
  6. Inventory Optimization

How can we help you?

We provide excellent advisory & compliance based services for our clients to prepare them for upcoming GST law and also undertake transition audit for smooth implementation of GST while enhancing zero leakage of credits.

Our services under GST includes:

I. Introduction to GST
– Comparison of current taxes with the upcoming GST model.
– GST awareness sessions for you and your team.

II. Impact Analysis of GST
– Detailed study of GST impact on the company business based on model legislation.
– Designing new business models for a seamless transition to the GST regime.

III. Implementation of GST
– Implementation of GST models throughout the company considering changes in the final legislation.
– Train specific company officials for implementation of GST

Key Advantages:

 Associate offices across the country;
 Exclusive GST Dedicated Team;
 One Professional One Client for implementation of GST to ensure complete handholding;
 Assistance in tweaking the IT Infrastructure.

Disclaimer :

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